The expert facilitators you’ll find at are skilled in many disciplines, across multiple industries and organizational functions. While not an exhaustive list, this page offers an overview of the most common types of facilitation solutions we offer.

If you don’t see what you need, please contact one of our complimentary Client Executives. We’ll help you locate and secure the perfect facilitator to meet your specific objectives and group session needs.

Common Services

Strategic Planning

Discover areas for improvement in your strategic planning processes. Select facilitators will leverage our proven Drivers Model to take your group to a higher level of focus and results.

Team Building

Build a strong team that works together effectively toward optimal results. Trade unproductive behavior, such as dysfunction and poor communication, for productive action and results.

Conference Planning and Execution

A conference is a great way to teach and motivate large numbers of people. Don’t get lost in crowd management. We can help you create productive, memorable events.

Issue Resolution

Opposing perspectives happen. Get support from an experienced conflict resolution consultant. We will help you address trouble areas, build agreement around a solution, and move toward resolution.

Process Improvement

Increase quality, speed, and service to the customer. Our seven-step process improvement method supplies the resources to create an effective solution while gaining buy-in and commitment from stakeholders.

Focus Groups

With the guidance of effective, scientifically-proven focus group facilitation, your participants will feel comfortable and encouraged to contribute thoughts and opinions, so you gain the data you need.

Partnering Sessions

Gain the insight, processes, and support you need to enable smooth progress toward a productive, well-managed relationship, whether you are initiating or renewing a project, program, or contract.

Virtual Facilitation

Focus on the outcome of your meeting, conference, or session, instead of how it’s conducted. Our skilled virtual facilitators use a focused process and proven engagement strategies to help you maximize results.


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