Why FindaFacilitator.com

FindaFacilitator.com is the most intelligent source for facilitated solutions.

FindaFacilitator.com is your online resource to source, and even preview, a highly qualified, carefully vetted facilitator from an extensive database of professionals. Whether you know your precise facilitation need or you’re looking for end-to-end guidance, our complimentary Engagement Managers can help. We will work with you to address every relevant detail, including session type, timing, location, budget, and more.

We have a deep bench of contracted facilitators, including several Certified Master FacilitatorsTM. These professionals work in every geography across the globe, offer specialization across virtually every industry, and are capable of leading any engagement (e.g., process improvement, strategy development, issue resolution, team building or activation, meetings/events, etc.).

How FindaFacilitator.com Works

FindaFacilitator.com is more than a resource database. We provide the expertise and resources to help you make confident, informed choices about a facilitator’s quality and fit against your specific meeting or group session needs.

In addition to partnering with complimentary, dedicated Engagement Managers, you’re able to preview facilitators by engagement type, relevant industry experience, and geographic proximity. Many facilitators also provide descriptions of their facilitation style to offer a more personalized understanding of the kind of service they’d ultimately provide.

Your Engagement Management Team

As employees of Leadership Strategies, Inc., an international leader in facilitation training and services, FindaFacilitator.com Engagement Managers are trained to guide you through every step of searching, securing, and planning with a professional facilitator to achieve your objectives and ensure successful group outcomes.

Our Engagement Managers work closely with all of our facilitators. Every member of the team thrives on helping you locate and secure the ideal resource to meet your objectives. And they continue to support you throughout the engagement. Their commitment, focus, and combined decades of experience ensure you’ll get the exact consultation you need.

You can contact a FindaFacilitator.com Engagement Manager at 1-877-212-2361 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST on Mondays through Fridays. They will advise and guide your selection of facilitators, all at no additional cost.

The Benefits of Engaging a Professional Facilitator

Enlisting the ideal professional facilitator and properly preparing for a successful session helps avoid common pitfalls to group behavior, such as:

  • Managing challenging participants
  • Addressing potential group dysfunction
  • Coaxing out ideas from multiple perspectives
  • Losing energy and focus within the group

Your time – and your participants’ time – is too important to waste on meetings and other group sessions that fail to meet objectives and drive intended results.