There are many tools that professional facilitators use to manage a group or direct a process. One such tool is the DISC System, a personal assessment instrument that is used to increase productivity, improve teamwork and enhance communication in the workplace.

Based on their answers to a series of questions, participants are grouped according to four different personality and behavior types. These profiles can then be used by a skilled group facilitator to help the company achieve its business goals.

DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. Below is a brief description of each attribute.


This personality type is confident and results-driven. In their pursuit of the bottom line, dominant types can sometimes be blunt and forceful. They thrive on challenges and exhibit a tendency to get straight to the point in any discussion. This personality type may have or exhibit resistance to a collaborative way of working together.


This person is enthusiastic and exudes an optimistic attitude. He or she has a consultative rather than dictatorial working style, preferring to win people over through intelligent persuasion rather than direct confrontation. They display an eager openness to new ideas and tend to focus on relationships rather than roles.


Reliable and cooperative, this personality type is also very supportive and calm, refusing to be rushed into any decision or action without careful deliberation. He or she values cooperation and displays an openness that is based on mutual trust and respect.


Valuing competence and accuracy, this person relies on objective reasoning to achieve consensus. This type of personality has an aversion to making mistakes and therefore tends to be detail-oriented and thorough. They enjoy independent work because this gives them the freedom to rely on their own knowledge and competence.

Knowing these different and sometimes contrasting personality types help managers relate with their team members productively and proactively. For instance, people with a prominent Dominance trait usually excel at sales while those with a strong Conscientious side typically do better in accounting or data entry work.

By no means an exact science, in the hands of our certified facilitators here at Find-a-Facilitator, the DISC System is a useful instrument in group and process management. Although a reliable and accurate measure of personality, the DISC System is but one tool among many that our corporate facilitators employ to help our clients achieve success. If you need a meeting facilitator or facilitation services for your next seminar or corporate retreat, get in touch with us. When it comes to expert facilitation services, we have the market cornered.