There are many different reasons why your enterprise should hire a facilitator. Here are a few of the top reasons we have discovered through our time helping businesses like yours find a facilitator for their needs.

Results Are Critical

Your enterprise will have countless meetings, but some are significantly more important than others. When the results of your meeting will affect the success or future of your enterprise, it is typically wise to have a certified facilitator guide the process. This is doubly true if there will be a variety of opinions in the room.

You Need a Consensus

Your team will often have strong opinions about the subject of any meeting. When you are faced with the need for a consensus but are struggling to get one because of the differing opinions, a facilitator can be a significant help.

You Need a New Perspective

There will be times when you will look at a problem with your team and not be able to find a good solution for your problem. A facilitator can offer you new, creative solutions for the problem or help to direct your team towards finding a more suitable answer.

You Want to Build Your Team

Facilitators are invaluable when it comes to team-building exercises. Whether it’s a simple team meeting or a more complicated team retreat, a facilitator can help each member of the team to open up, feel as though their voice is being hear, and ultimately feel like a much more cohesive and essential part of the team.

You Need Neutral Guidance

Trained meeting facilitators are able to provide neutral guidance, especially in instances where it is important to be able to build trust and a relationship, such as in a meeting with a client.

You Have an Unclear Desired Outcome

If you have an unclear or undefined desired outcome for a project, it can help to have a facilitator guide you towards figuring out what outcome you should aim towards.