When it comes to being a facilitative consultant, there are things you need to keep in mind to be the best in your field. Here are some of our master facilitators’ top suggestions.

Listen to Client Questions

Listening to your clients can help you understand exactly what they need to accomplish and what they need from you to reach their main goal. When you can answer their questions and listen to their concerns, there is no blurring of clear lines. This will also help you gain their trust and build a solid working relationship.

Understand Communication Styles

It’s important to understand your communication style, how it affects others, and how others perceive you. When you are perceptive to this, it’s easier to communicate effectively with clients. Corporate facilitators also need to learn to understand the communication styles of others.

Be In Control of Discussions Without Being Pushy or Opinionated

It is important to stay neutral. Let ideas fly during discussions but also help direct the room so that everyone feels heard and all opinions are explored. Sometimes if the facilitator is too expressive about his/her own opinion, it can discourage others from bringing up good points or challenging an idea.

Articulate the Problem Statement

It is important to stay on topic when there are so many ideas flying around. Just be sure to remind the team and client what the main objective is that they are working toward. Keep the discussion moving forward and bring it back on course if the group has strayed.

Encourage Participation

Professional facilitators get the most potential out of the room by hearing every voice. Specifically ask people how they feel about certain things or offer suggestions and ideas for problem solving. It’s encouraging to team members when their idea leads to the overall success of the team. Remember that everyone has something good they can contribute – that is why they are there!

Image courtesy of: Flickr