summer holidayIn the summertime, when the weather is hot, how do you keep your team driven and engaged? When schools let out and families are home, the beautiful weather is just one more reason your employees’ minds can be easily distracted. But your organization can’t close in the summer months to supplement everyone’s cravings for camping trips, patio drinks, and beach vacations. Falling behind in the summer could be a real problem.

To get ahead of the summer daze, first, you need to understand the main cause of your team’s daydreams. A few of the most common distractions include:

  • Holidays  For many, springtime can feel like a long wait for the holidays that summer brings with Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.
  • Summer Schedules  Many organizations offer summer half days or other schedule alterations to allow employees to get more out of their summer schedules.
  • Vacation  With the kids home from school, the summer months are the most popular months for travel and vacation time.
  • Weather  Who wants to work inside under fluorescent lighting when blue skies and warm sunshine beckon just past the window?

Year-end meetings are the perfect opportunity to motivate and get your team on the same page. But during summer meetings, you are competing against the seasonal distractions. You probably notice your team rushing through tasks or staring at the clock waiting for their days to conclude.

Seven Tips for Keeping Your Team Focused During the Summer

Competing with the lure of summertime can seem like an impossible task, but there is a solution. Professional facilitators have the skills to bring life back to your meetings. A professional facilitator will keep your team focused with these seven tips:

  1. Prepare your strategy
    Don’t wait to strategize until your meeting is scheduled and your agenda is printed. Professional facilitators can help from the very moment you decide to rally your team to meet. They can help put a strategic plan in place and prepare an agenda that will yield the best, most focused results.
  2. Schedule appropriately
    You probably know that meetings on Fridays are the least effective, but in the summer, there is more to consider than the end of the week. Scheduling meetings too close to holidays or planned vacation time can almost guarantee a distracted group. A professional facilitator will ask the right questions about participants’ personalities and expected interactions to help you pick the best date to avoid the most distractions.
  3. Communicate your goal
    No one likes walking unprepared into a meeting. Failing to communicate the goal of a meeting ahead of time is one of the most common meeting mistakes. A professional facilitator can help you best explain the importance of the goal so your team is empowered and motivated to reach consensus from the beginning.
  4. Keep them engaged
    With the promise of summer adventure, even the most motivated group can easily nod off during a boring speaker who fails to encourage group participations. Professional facilitators know how to read a group and encourage interaction from varying personality types.
  5. Prepare for issue resolution
    Hot weather and wandering minds can also lead to hot tempers. Professional facilitators can look out for conflict indicators, preventing issues before they even arise.
  6. Reach a consensus
    The only thing more frustrating than a poorly planned meeting is the need for another meeting with the same purpose. To prevent duplicate meetings, professional facilitators will lead your meeting to an agreed-upon outcome and next steps the first time around. If your team walks away feeling accomplished, they will feel their time was better spent.
  7. Show them results
    After a consensus is reached, give your team the acknowledgment they deserve. Show them that their hard work paid off by communicating the results that came from the consensus of the meeting.


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