Every business has goals for the new year, but successful businesses will have developed and implemented an effective strategic plan to achieve them. The secret to ensuring that your business will have a successful 2014 is seeking out the right guidance. One of our trained certified professional facilitators can help you to create and enact a detailed plan for 2014 through a strategic planning session.

Our Methods

FindaFacilitator.com is a leader in providing strategic planning facilitation thanks to the ingenuous methodology, The Drivers Model. Our corporate facilitators use this proven methodology to help organizations identify their current business problems and then construct a detailed and effective plan that aims to solve these problems. The Drivers Model is completely scalable and works for everything from the largest Fortune 500 companies all the way down to individual work teams.

Why It Works

The Drivers Model works for each of these groups because they all have similar concerns, which they bring to their certified master facilitator at their planning session. Each group wants to define the current issues it faces, establish a clearly defined strategic direction it would like to go in, create a plan to go in that direction and ensure that the plan is actionable.

From there, they want to make sure the rest of the organization is on board and measure their progress with specific markers. Your strategic planning facilitator will guide your business or team through each of these steps to create a cohesive, step-by-step plan for success.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our expert strategic planning facilitators will help you to reach your 2014 business goals by helping you craft, implement and monitor a strategy based on those goals. We so strongly believe in their skills that we offer a satisfaction guarantee to each of our clients. Ask about this guarantee or find the facilitator to help you with your goals by contacting us.