When preparing for your facilitation certification, it is important to be mindful of certain things our Certified Master Facilitators will be looking for.

There are ways you can prepare to ensure your portfolio is the best it can be. 

From the Beginning

The process begins as soon as you apply.

Once a coordinator has reviewed your application, they will let you know the next steps you need to take to become a certified facilitator.

As a candidate, you will need to supply documentation of plans, designs, results, reflections, conversational formats, workshop designs and feedback on your experiences.

By doing this, the Certified Master Facilitators will see how you perform in each area.

Next, you will need to arrange for two different facilitation observers to watch you with a client.

During the observation, you will need to show your ability to engage, carry out facilitation plans, respond to your client and how you utilize your materials and time slot.

The two observers will then complete a survey to document your design and skills.

Checking Your Work

In addition to the observation, you will need to select five clients to review your work. Each of these clients will complete a survey reviewing what you did during at least four separate events.

After the surveys are complete, a coordinator will schedule an assessment interview with at least four other candidates that are ready to be assessed.

Your portfolio will then be reviewed along with your on-site observations and client surveys. You will also have a two-hour assessment interview.

You will need to meet or exceed the standards of competency for each field.

During your interview, you will be asked questions and to show demonstrations of how you understand different methods of facilitation.

The assessors will then decide if you are equipped with the right competencies to be awarded your professional facilitator certification or if you will come back on a later date to show proof of your mastery of facilitation.

Image courtesy of: Pixabay