fa-cil-i-tate (fe sil’e tat’) Latin. facilis – to make easy

We believe facilitation is about making success easy, and the process of hiring a facilitator should be no exception. We will make the process easy for you, so you can make the meeting easy for your group. No matter your purpose or budget, FindaFacilitator.com will provide you easy and free access to finding the best facilitator suited for your needs and parameters.

The outcome of your session is important, and so is the first step. Use the fastest and easiest process to find your facilitator now.

Here’s how the process works.

Finding a Facilitator Made Easy

You let us know your requirements.

You let us know details about your meeting. Our Client Relationship Managers help you envision a clear picture of your needs with the criteria most relevant for your organization and event.

Here are the most common types of sessions and events our facilitators specialize in:

  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Team building
  • Annual retreats and conferences
  • Issue resolution
  • Process improvement and process redesigns
  • Meetings and events
  • Focus groups
  • Partnering sessions
  • And more!

We narrow down your search.

Suppose you are having a strategic planning session in New York City. You can search the facilitator database yourself or have one of our Client Relationship Managers help you uncover a selection of experienced facilitators with expertise in strategic planning in the metro area of New York City. Of course your search requirements may not be that basic. No worries – we factor in all of your criteria in the next step.

We identify the best options.

Once we’ve created an initial search list, we refine it to your top options based on your additional criteria. We also pay close attention to the following:

  • The certification level (e.g., Certified Master, Provisional Master)
  • The self-rating for the service you need (e.g., strategic planning)
  • The feedback from other clients
  • The facilitation style of the facilitator

Many facilitators are scheduled out months in advance. Therefore, we identify two or three candidates, so you have back-up options should availability be an issue.

FindaFacilitator.com will send an e-mail to those facilitators you identify. The facilitators will contact you within 48 hours of your request.

We plan and crunch the numbers.

We help you plan for estimated costs for engaging the facilitator– factoring in the facilitator’s rate, preparation time for the facilitator, travel, and other billable expenses.

You choose your facilitator.

We support you throughout the entire process – you make the final decision in the end. Once your most important qualifications are satisfied and your costs are estimated, your decision may come down to “soft” factors that are difficult to quantify. Do not discount the importance of communication style, level of professionalism, the fit for your audience, and other factors that will make the difference in meeting your specific needs.

Once you have found your facilitator, our communication does not end there. Our Client Relationship Manager will continue to support you through the engagement and partner with the facilitator to ensure your needs are satisfied.

Once the assignment is completed, your Client Relationship Manager will contact you for feedback on the facilitator’s performance. Your open and honest feedback serves as valuable information for other clients, and helps promote a positive, helpful experience for everyone.

To begin the process of finding your facilitator, call our Client Relationship Managers at 8008242850.