The success of any facilitation process rests largely on choosing the right facilitator for the job. There are hundreds of self-professed facilitators touting their services online these days, so how do you choose which one is right for you?

Our Extensive Database

On this page of our website, you will find a wealth of information about our facilitators who can be found all over the world. You can begin with their location as this might end up saving you some money. There are added fees to compensate for travel and board if you choose a facilitator outside of his or her normal working area.

From this information, you can select a professional facilitator who has qualifications that are important to you: years of experience, number of projects, billing rates, etc. Click on the “Detail” button and discover their core service areas, facilitation style, industry expertise and a whole lot more. The information you find on these pages are updated regularly so you can be sure that you are getting current information on our facilitators. Some of our facilitators have video clips that you can view if you wish to see them in action.

We strongly encourage potential clients to go through this database. You may still end up asking us to select a facilitator who best meets your requirements (and we will be glad to do this for you), but you will do so in complete confidence, knowing that we are choosing from a truly select pool of seasoned, highly trained and experienced facilitation experts.

FindaFacilitator can help you find certified facilitators to assist you in your strategic planning as well as seminar or conference facilitation. The success of your business rests on a strong and focused team working together to achieve common and specific goals. Our experienced and dedicated facilitators can help you accomplish this. Contact us to find out how.