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Congratulations! You are in charge of planning your organization’s next conference. You have an exciting opportunity ahead of you. By expertly planning a great event, you give yourself the best chance of making a strong impression within your organization. You can also deliver value to your employees, customers, and/or partners depending on your audience.

One of the most important factors for a successful event is your lineup of speakers and presenters. Even the best intentions can turn into a conference flop if a speaker doesn’t execute on event theme and intended educational content, or simply isn’t dynamic enough to maintain audience engagement. So the question becomes – what do you need to do to create a conference where the event and speakers are both relevant and engaging?

The good news is that you have help answering this vital question! 

Professional facilitators are a fantastic resource, capable and equipped to help you both plan and execute a successful conference! They have the experience and network to help you outline and reinforce event objectives, recharge and refocus participants, and ensure your event is a success.

To prepare you for your task, here are five tips to help you tap into your existing resources and engage a professional facilitator to create success.

  1. Make a List: Think of your favorite event presentations and speakers. What aspects or qualities of the presentation stood out and made the session memorable? What key takeaways do you remember from the presentation and why? These questions are the first you can ask when collecting your list of must-haves for conference activities.

Once you have a list started, bring in a second opinion. Professional facilitators will introduce new session guidelines that you might not have been aware of previously. For instance, selecting speakers with a strong social media following can boost the reach and impact of your event.

  1. Research: Now that you know what characteristics you need from each session, start researching who you want to help host these sessions. Search by keywords and topics that match your desired characteristics for a session. Next, research locations. Consider what venues will meet your demand for attendees and sessions.

Professional facilitators not only have experience identifying the best speakers for events, but they can also help when evaluating and selecting venues. Both tasks can be difficult to do alone. A professional facilitator can alleviate some of that burden while bringing their expertise to the research process.  

  1. Solidify your purpose: To encourage participation from your desired thought leaders, conference venue, attendees and even potential sponsors, you need a value proposition. You need to prepare statements that explain why your conference is a good opportunity for all involved.

Before you can outline the value proposition for participating in your conference, you need to clarify the meaning and goal of the event. Professional facilitators can guide you to define the importance and help construct your value proposition to present to all parties involved.

  1. Secure Your Venue: Get the most out of your venue by introducing a gain opportunity for your venue that you previously outlined within your value proposition. Will the venue benefit from attendees who are present? Will they benefit from publicity? Or will they benefit from attending the conference themselves? Once the venue understands their own gain, they can better estimate the return. You might even receive some upgrade or complimentary service.

Looking for a trade of service or sponsor opportunities with event venues can be tricky business. Professional facilitators are often also expert negotiators and can help prepare you for those conversations.

  1. Plan Your Itinerary: You already have an idea of what topics your sessions should include. Now it’s time to organize everything and consider the overall flow of the event. Conferences are often a couple of days, which is a long time to hold attendees’ attention and emotional energy. You want to consider variety in your schedule while keeping a flow and order of the events.

Professional facilitators and the organizations who represent them can often resolve many concerns around your itinerary. They can help staff your conference with the professionals who will keep everyone on track and engaged. They can also ensure that your schedule is the most time efficient for your attendees, based on event goals and objectives.

Planning and executing an organizational event aren’t tasks you need to brave alone. Learn more and find a facilitator to help you today. Contact us, live chat, or call us at 1-877-212-2361.