avoid meeting mishapThink of your last meeting. Would you consider it time well spent? How about the one before it? Was it effective?

Take a moment to compare the two meetings. You probably see some similarities in the outcome or strategy behind both meetings. Meeting mishaps and problems follow familiar patterns. Across industries and organizations, the same mistakes frequently happen in preparation for and during meetings.

Luckily, there are professional facilitators who have the training and experience to break the negative meeting patterns. These experts are equipped with the tools and knowledge to lead meetings to consensus. They help prevent conflict and practice proven issue resolution when it is unavoidable. Put simply, professional facilitators will put an end to your bad meeting deja vu.

To understand how a professional facilitator can solve your meeting problems, let’s look at how to prevent the ‘7 Meeting Don’ts’.

  1. Don’t invite people who don’t need to be there.
    DO bring a facilitator on from the first moment you realize you need a meeting. They can help you prepare by bringing an outside perspective to who you should invite. Formality and tradition should no longer dictate who gets included. Instead, only invite those that will benefit from attending.
  2. Don’t avoid eye contact (even with remote employees).
    DO make sure everyone, even remote attendees, can maintain eye contact during meetings. Professional facilitators will address room structure or video setup to address this easy detail that can make a huge difference in keeping attendees engaged. Professional facilitators have unique training to prepare a meeting for both virtual and in-person scenarios.
  3. Don’t use meetings as an opportunity to self-share, prove a point, or share general information.
    DO enlist a third party professional facilitator to resolve those three issues first and to lead your meeting with no bias or ulterior motives.
  4. Don’t depend on your laptop.
    DO pre-determine the best tools to elevate meetings while maintaining engagement. Technology can increase efficiency in note taking, presentations, and more. A professional facilitator will make sure it does not become a distraction.
  5. Don’t hold a meeting on the spot.
    DO An impromptu meeting is never as effective as a meeting with proper preparations. Professional facilitators understand how to best prepare meeting leaders and attendees.
  6. Don’t schedule meetings too early or too late in the day.
    DO pick the times of day and days in the week that are the most effective for the meetings you need to host. Professional facilitators can help you schedule your meeting by taking the time and day into careful consideration.
  7. Don’t rehash items from the last meeting.
    DO outline a new goal for every meeting and clearly communicate that goal with attendees when the meeting invitation goes out. Bringing up past meeting issues is redundant and loses attendees’ focus. Professional facilitators will make sure you reach a consensus, so you can close out one meeting topic and move on to the next.

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