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Stuart S.

Stuart S. is a results-focused professional who has facilitated over 1500 meetings, workshops, planning sessions and retreats. Stuart began facilitating small-group leadership programs in the US Army. Now he focuses his facilitation and consultation on helping people and organizations improve their ability to plan and execute business improvement strategy and deal with change. He has solid, \"real world\"experience leading large-scale change initiatives, helping organizations both install and realize the benefits of Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning technology systems. He has an extensive training background and earned his Bachelor\'s of Science in Workforce Education from Southern Illinois University (Carbondale) and a Master\'s of Education from Seattle University. Stuart is a life-long learner and student of Dr. Edwards Deming\'s Quality Philosophy. He has an in-depth understanding of Systems Theory and how people work most effectively in organizations. Stuart believes that the \"science and art\" of facilitation is the most effective way to help people envision a preferred future and create a plan to achieve it. He has developed his facilitation skills over the past twenty-five years earning recognition in the field and attaining the following professional certifications: Certified Master Facilitator (CMF), International Institute for Facilitation Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), International Association of Facilitators In addition to facilitating all types of decision-making, problem-solving and team building sessions, he has facilitated or co-facilitated seventeen strategic planning sessions over the past three years for business, government and not-for-profit clients. Stuart is a well-rounded leader and also holds certifications in the following professional fields: -Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR), Society for Human Resource Management -Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (CMQOE) and Senior Manager, American Society for Quality -Certified Change Management Practitioner, Conner and Associates Talent areas include: Strategic Planning Change Management Group Facilitation Quality program deployment (trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt & Champion) Training and Development Human Resources Shared Services Deployment Project Team Development Project/Program Management Leadership Coaching

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ServiceIndustryEngagement TitleOrganizationEngagement Date
Project ManagementManufacturingTQM Training and ConsultingDartmouth Printing Co.11/20/2013
Board FacilitationAssociationsBoard FacilitationACHA02/07/2013
Meeting FacilitationUtilities, TelecommunicationsBoard FacilitationINPO04/11/2012
ManufacturingTHe Effective FacilitatorEndress & Hauser12/08/2011
Health CareTraining DirectorMerck12/05/2011
Meeting FacilitationUtilities, TelecommunicationsMeeting FacilitationThe Shaw Group08/23/2011
ManufacturingEF TrainingMichelin08/09/2011
Board FacilitationAssociationsBoard Retreat Review of SPGACS06/26/2011
Change ManagementOther Non-ProfitsDirector, Advancing Markets United Way Of America-Mobilization06/13/2011
Organizational DevelopmentGovernmentPrioritizationCDC-DHAP05/19/2011
Strategic PlanningAssociationsStrategic PlanGACS05/17/2011
ManufacturingEffective FacilitatorEndress Hauser02/10/2011
Meeting FacilitationWholesale/RetailPresidentSuddath01/17/2011
Strategic PlanningGovernmentStrategic PlanningPiedmont Workforce Development06/17/2010
Meeting FacilitationGovernmentDELTA MeetingCDC-Division of Violence Prevention06/04/2010
Strategic PlanningTransportationStrategic PlanningSuddath02/08/2010
Strategic PlanningAssociationsStrategic PlanningInternational Ocean Institute02/05/2010
Project PlanningOther Non-ProfitsExecutive DirectorThe Directors Council05/20/2009
Strategic PlanningInformation TechnologyStrategic PlanningPixstar05/19/2009
Strategic PlanningManufacturingStrategic PlanningPacesetter Steel Service04/29/2009
Meeting FacilitationGovernmentMeeting FacilitationRedstone Arsenal04/29/2009
Community EngagementUtilities, TelecommunicationsEnergy SummitDuke Energy04/06/2009
Strategic PlanningManufacturingStrategic PlanningPacesetter Steel Service03/31/2009
Strategic PlanningManufacturingStrategic PlanningPacesetter Steel Service02/27/2009
GovernmentOCAP Focus Group TrainingU.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs02/24/2009
Strategic PlanningManufacturingStrategic PlanningPacesetter Steel Service01/30/2009
Strategic PlanningManufacturingStrategic PlanningPacesetter Steel Service12/31/2008
Strategic PlanningManufacturingStrategic PlanningPacesetter Steel Service11/25/2008
Meeting FacilitationAssociationsExecutive DirectorInternation Association of Animal Health11/18/2008
Strategic PlanningManufacturingStrategic PlanningPacesetter Steel Service10/31/2008
Board FacilitationAssociations2008 SP MeetingInternation Association of Animal Health10/12/2008
Strategic PlanningManufacturingStrategic PlanningPacesetter Steel Service09/29/2008
Strategic PlanningOther Non-ProfitsStrategic PlanningCare USA09/10/2008
Meeting FacilitationInformation TechnologyMeeting FacilitationZebra Crossing09/01/2008
Meeting FacilitationInformation TechnologyMeeting FacilitationZebra Crossing08/31/2008
Meeting FacilitationGovernmentDLS Project SessionDepartment of Drivers Services08/19/2008
Meeting FacilitationGovernmentIT Section Manager Department of Drivers Services07/15/2008
Meeting FacilitationInformation TechnologyMeeting Facilitation Zebra Crossing06/19/2008
Information TechnologyMasterful MeetingsAutotrader.com05/13/2008
Strategic PlanningInformation TechnologyLearning CouncilAutotrader.com04/01/2008
Meeting FacilitationAssociationsAnnual RetreatCALEA03/11/2008
Wholesale/RetailStrategic Quality Management Barclay Dean09/01/2007
GovernmentRed Stone Army Arsenal Strategic PlanRed Stone Army Arsenal05/01/2007
Meeting FacilitationOther Non-ProfitsUW Investment PlanningUnited Way04/01/2007
Change ManagementBroadcasting & PublishingEnterprise Systems Operating ProceduresGrizzard Communications - Direct Marketing 02/01/2007
Meeting FacilitationGovernmentConsultation on Influenza Surveillance in the US Centers for Disease Control11/01/2006
Professional and Business ServicesEffective FacilitatorLeadership Strategies06/01/2006
ManufacturingWaste WorkshopsJohn Harland - Manufacturing, FL and SC08/01/2005
Organizational DevelopmentFinance, Insurance, Real EstateShared Services DeploymentJohn Harland - Printed Products Division06/01/2004
Finance, Insurance, Real EstateUser Consensus BuyingJohn Harland - Centralized Procurement 10/01/2003
Finance, Insurance, Real EstateStrategic Quality ManagementJohn Harland - Printed Products Division06/01/2003
Finance, Insurance, Real EstateHelping Customers BuyJohn Harland - Atlanta and Salt Lake Call Center01/01/2003
Change ManagementFinance, Insurance, Real EstateHC2 - Siebel CRM ImplementationJohn Harland - Corporate IT08/01/2001
ManufacturingLeadershipSolutions!John Harland - HBS Business Unit03/01/1999
Organizational DevelopmentGovernmentOST - Envisioning a New Future in CorrectionsMcNeil Island Corrections Center10/15/1995
Health CareMedicaid and Medicare certificationWA State Deptment of Veterans Affairs08/01/1994
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ServiceIndustryEngagementsLast EngagmentClient OrganizationClient Contact
Meeting FacilitationOther Non-ProfitsUW Investment Meeting2007United WayClair Cline
Change ManagementBroadcasting & PublishingESOP Deployment2007Grizzard CommunicationsChris Joos
Wholesale/RetailStrategic Quality Leadership2007Barclay DeanChris Glynn
Process ImprovementManufacturingStrategic Quality Management2006John HarlandDavid Cline
Information Systems FacilitationFinance, Insurance, Real EstateHC2 Deployment 2003John HarlandIlene Bromberg
Health CareMedicaid and Medicare Certification1993WA State Department of Veterans AffairsJack Shireman
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