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Chris S.

Chris has over 25 years of facilitation experience, bringing decades of leadership, sales, marketing, team-building and business development experience from the industrial software, hospitality, telecommunications, power generation, and manufacturing industries, serving global markets. He\'s worked extensively with all major business consulting companies, and has a reputation for his ability to help start-up, early stage, and high growth businesses that want to increase their sales, profits, and cash flow, as well as develop focused strategies and professionally managed organizations. Chris\' background includes international management consulting, business ownership, corporate vice president in the Technology sector, extensive corporate business development, operations, and project management, service as an active duty United States Marine Corps logistics officer, and the 1987 NCAA national rowing championship and coach. Chris owns and operates a global management consulting firm, focusing on business and personal effectiveness and success. Chris has shared the stage with numerous world-class presenters, facilitators, and business leaders, and is the co-author of \"GPS For Success: Goals and Proven Strategies,\" as well as several articles on business success and personal empowerment. He has served with some of the world\'s most esteemed leaders on global dialogue for social transformation and inspiration. Chris earned his MBA from Boston University, BS in Marketing from the University of Central Florida, Associates of Arts from the University of Florida, and a secondary diploma from Culver Military Academy.

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ServiceIndustryEngagement TitleOrganizationEngagement Date
Meeting FacilitationProfessional and Business ServicesEffective FacilitatorLeadership Strategies, Inc11/08/2018
Strategic PlanningConstructionExecutive Planning & Teambuilding EventMay Creek Landscaping09/15/2018
Organizational DevelopmentProfessional and Business ServicesExecutive CoachingAllergy Standards, Ltd06/11/2017
Change ManagementProfessional and Business ServicesCatalystThe Mess Before Success, LLC08/02/2010
CoachingProfessional and Business ServicesBExDO=HAVE WorkshopActionCOACH04/01/2008
Meeting FacilitationProfessional and Business ServicesVanilla ProjectAlcoa01/31/2000
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ServiceIndustryEngagementsLast EngagmentClient OrganizationClient Contact
Strategic PlanningProfessional and Business ServicesStrategic Planning and Team Development, Mexico Ci2018Alvaro QuintanaAlvaro Quintana
Team BuildingConstructionStrategic Planning and Teambuilding, Seattle, Augu2018May Creek LandscapingCarl Handeland
Meeting FacilitationProfessional and Business ServicesLSI Effective facilitator Course, Los Angeles, Nov2018Leadership Strategies, IncDave Adelman
Organizational DevelopmentProfessional and Business ServicesNumerous Facilitation and training engagements acr2014Hunter ExpressMark Hunter
Community EngagementProfessional and Business ServicesSuccessful Thinkers Meetup2010Successful Thinkers, Inc.Jim Bellacera
CoachingProfessional and Business ServicesBExDO=HAVE Workshop2009ActionCOACHGreg Kopchuk
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