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Diana G.

With more than 20 years of consulting and facilitation experience, Diana G. has helped clients all over the world in varying industries improve their performance, invigorate their organizations, and streamline their processes to not only win, but to change the game in their respective environments. Diana is excited to be working with Leadership Strategies, Inc. as a core team member and trainer of facilitation skills. Her career experience with facilitation extends from board level retreats to classroom exercises and spans topics ranging from strategic planning and communication effectiveness to product development processes and global technology roll-outs. She has performed a significant amount of facilitation and consulting work in the areas of organizational design and development, capitalizing on her unique ability to promote collaboration and effectively manage dysfunction that often arises when two companies merge into one. Diana has specialized certification in DISC training, and can bring new and exciting techniques to help people communicate throughout and across organizations to achieve superior results. Diana has also spent significant time working with the government sector, helping people become more efficient and effective in their daily meetings, assisting departments with strategic planning activities, and helping groups navigate the personnel difficulties related to major transitions. When not working on an engagement, Diana dedicates her time to local high school students as a life coach, helping them to find satisfying career options, choose colleges, and find appropriate scholarships and grants for students seeking advanced degrees. Diana also works with local high school administrators to help them develop planning tools that helps students better prepare for the demanding college selection process. Diana has used her facilitation and consulting skills to assist non-profit organizations find new organizational structures, identify and employ greater efficiency in operations and improve their fundraising efforts. Diana studied Engineering Physics at Cornell University and received her MBA from the Wharton School of Finance and Economics. She has certifications in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and Integrated Resource Management (CIRM), is an active member of the NY Road Runners and enjoys training for triathlons.

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Meeting FacilitationTransportationBDP TransformationBDPInternational09/17/2014
Meeting FacilitationHealth CareMeeting FacilitationHealthtronics06/18/2012
Meeting FacilitationAssociationschange managementIEEE05/08/2012
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