Successfully integrate newly acquired companyThe first few months after acquiring a new company can be exhilarating. All your hard work and negotiations have led to this. It may be tempting to roll right into the new growth and celebrate your success with your new colleagues. But the real work begins once the deal is signed. You now must figure out how to integrate your newly acquired company, and the first few months are crucial for ensuring a smooth transition for everyone involved.

You have many factors to consider when beginning the integration process. How do you create an inclusive company culture that reflects your organizational values while also respecting that of the acquired company? How are you going to promote mutual respect and productive collaboration among existing and newly acquired employees? What will your strategy be for allocating or designing roles for employees? By engaging a professional facilitator, you have a far higher chance of successfully answering these fundamental questions and mitigating challenges.


Existing and new employees have concerns.

People tend to fear change. The daunting task of merging two companies is a big change. If you do not take adequate steps to listen to and address your staff’s concerns, the integration process could become messy. A facilitator can help structure and conduct employee focus groups or one-on-one meetings to make sure these exchanges are mutually respectful, goal-oriented, and productive.

The organization lacks a coherent integration plan.

You would never start construction on a building without first creating a detailed blueprint. In the same way, you should never begin merging two companies without a specific plan of action that addresses your goals and expectations. Therefore, it’s useful to bring in a skilled third party facilitator to help guide and inform your blueprint for success.

HR faces a training time gap.

There will be a steep learning curve in the first few months of integration as new employees adjust to how your company performs its essential tasks and functions, or even how existing employees adapt to the new team members. It’s imperative to factor this in and allow new team members adequate time to learn the basics of working with you. A facilitator can help alleviate these pressures by providing special purpose training and coaching to prepare all employees to succeed.

Everyone faces burnout and frustration.

Integrating a newly acquired company is no walk in the park. There will be moments that you and your team feel tired, frustrated, and doubtful. These are all normal emotions. You can help combat burnout by consistently reminding yourself of why the acquisition was a good decision for the company and by keeping your team focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. Developing team-building activities can foster positivity and goodwill among your employees, and having a professional facilitator on board will ensure that your team building is as productive as possible.

It can seem overwhelming to address all the many factors of integrating a newly acquired company, but success can pay lasting dividends. The effort is worthwhile – and engaging a trained facilitator will ease and accelerate your success. Your employees and your company will be stronger for it.

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