Certified Master Facilitator Training Leadership Strategies

Do you lead groups and meetings in your current role or hope to become a leader within your organization? Planning and running meetings, groups, conferences, or organized group activities requires a unique skill set. Training as a master facilitator can set you apart from peers and other organization leaders, whether you’re in the boardroom, amidst a new business opportunity, or just in an everyday huddle session.

Once you have received your facilitator training, you will immediately notice an impact as you lead various activities and meetings. But to prepare yourself fully to be the best leader possible, you can go further than facilitation training and prepare to become a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) or a Certified Master Facilitator™ (CMF™), as recognized by the International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC).

The Leadership Strategies Facilitation Mastery Program is a fast track, eight-month program that goes deep into fundamental, intermediate, and advanced facilitation concepts, strategies, tactics, and techniques.


How to Benefit From the Facilitation Mastery Program

Why take the Facilitation Mastery Program?

  • Gain the personal attention and one-on-one feedback to reach a level of facilitation mastery that few have attained
  • Consistently drive better results, more efficiently, in your group sessions
  • Receive practical, dynamic, and interactive learning you can apply in your formal and informal facilitation
  • Complete the written submission required for CMF™ certification assessment by INIFAC
  • Have the tools and guidance to create video submissions required for CMF™ certification assessment by INIFAC
  • Establish your place among the community of facilitation masters
  • Prepare for a mastery certification that will advance your career

What will you learn during the Mastery Program?

  • Foundation Skills: Onsite program to build your skills and practice techniques
  • Virtual Skills: Live virtual learning to become an expert for virtual meetings
  • Advanced Skills and Certification Prep: Onsite program to advance your skills with the guidance and tools needed to prepare for the certification
  • Learning from the Masters: Monthly, one-hour, virtual discussions; your chance to get additional learning and advice on your upcoming sessions
  • Application for Certification: Optional program fees cover your application for certification as a Certified Master Facilitator™ by the International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC)

Find additional information and enroll in the Facilitation Mastery Program

How can you sign up for the Facilitation Mastery Program?

You can sign up for the full program or a portion of the program depending on the training you have already received. Additional options include:

  • Take $1000 off your tuition if you have already participated in The Effective Facilitator and choose not to take the course again.
  • Add $1300 to your tuition to include your CMF™ application fee at this special discounted rate (regular fee: $1500)
  • Contact your Leadership Strategies representative before registering to include one or both additional options.
  • Flexible financing is also available; please contact us or use our online chat feature for details.

If you have already received your facilitation training and met the requirements of INIFAC, including having facilitated a minimum of 30 sessions within the past three years, you can take the CMF™ Prep Class. During this class, you will receive the guidance and tools you need to complete your certification, including filming your submission video.

Get more information on the June 15-16, 2017 CMF™ Prep Class

Looking for more information? Get access to these free webinars, “Facilitation Mastery Program Information Webinar” and “Becoming a Certified Facilitator – Is Certification Right for You?” that cover the certification and its benefits.