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Key Questions When Choosing a Facilitator

Organizations seeking a facilitator can use our National Facilitator Database to help guide them in locating facilitators with the process experience, industry experience, regional location, and fee range they desire. Yet, once they have narrowed the search to handful of facilitator candidates, organizations need a finer screen to help...

Facilitation Excellence: The Seven Separators

What separates top facilitators from good ones? What is it that separates great facilitators from good ones? Sure, every facilitator needs to know about establishing ground rules, using the appropriate tools and maintaining a safe environment. But are there a set of skills that seem to distinguish the best...

A Step Above: The Certified Master Facilitator Program

I am an avid supporter of the Certified Master Facilitator program as a vehicle for raising the expertise level of facilitators while providing clients with a true mark of excellence that carries a brand expectation of high facilitation performance. Why am I such a strong supporter? First and foremost,...


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