Hire a Certified Master Facilitator, and success is guaranteed!

If you contract through us for the services of a Certified Master Facilitator, we guarantee excellence in the facilitator’s performance.

If the Certified Master Facilitator fails to deliver services that meet all six competencies of the Certified Master Facilitator program and that failure significantly impacts the success of your session, we will return to you 100% of the fees paid for the facilitator’s services, excluding travel related or other non-fee expenses.

To claim the money back guarantee, facilitation services must be cancelled after the first day of your event or session. The request for refund must be received in writing by one of our Client Relationship Managers via mail, fax or email within three business days of the first facilitated activity. Our money back guarantee applies only when the services of the facilitator are contracted through one of our Client Relationship Managers.

To select your Certified Master Facilitator for guaranteed success, call our Client Relationship Management Team at 8008242850.

Six Competencies of the Certified Master Facilitator Program

Master Facilitators bring compassion and authority to the room. Through their verbal and non-verbal expression, they exude confidence, energy and self-awareness while also conveying a high level of warmth and caring. They make adjustments in their style to better serve the group.

Master Facilitators know and ask the questions necessary to accurately assess a client need. Based on their learning from past experience, they create processes designed to address the client’s specific requirements. They carefully plan and prepare sessions. They recognize when a planned process is not working effectively and are able to define alternative processes quickly to reach the desired outcome.

Master facilitators are skilled communicators. They actively listen, making sure to playback and confirm important points. They have highly-tuned analytic skills which allow them to process information quickly, differentiate various content issues and isolate critical points in a discussion. They ask questions that help groups to engage effectively. They deliver instructions that are accurate, clear and concise. They effectively identify and verbally summarize agreements.

Master Facilitators create and maintain a productive and safe environment in which participants with diverse styles and culture can engage in interactions that stay focused on achieving the goal. They maintain control of the session and an appropriate pace. They understand causes of disagreement and can effectively guide a group through conflict. They consciously take action to prevent, detect and address dysfunctional behavior.

Master Facilitators understand and consistently apply best practice techniques for such activities as starting the session, focusing the group, recording information, and closing the session.

Master Facilitators know and use multiple techniques for engaging a group, problem solving, decision-making, promoting creativity and impacting energy.