Imagine how successful your business would be if every meeting you held went exactly according to plan. None of your employees showed up late, everyone was attentive, engaged and enthusiastic the entire time, and all of the problems the meeting was supposed to tackle were resolved effortlessly. Alas, our meeting facilitators know that this isn’t often the case.

FindaFacilitator is your central resource for all things corporate-meeting related. Dysfunction comes in many forms, but our pool of Certified Master Facilitators possess the knowledge and experience needed to overcome whatever issue is standing in the way of your company’s success. Here are some tips that will change the way you plan and conduct your corporate meetings. Be consistent in your efforts and expect productivity, performance and revenue to rise!

Master Your Meetings with These Group Facilitator-Approved Tips

Set firm start and end times and respond accordingly to participants who arrive late or depart early. You may think you are coming off as too harsh, but this is vital for establishing a solid meeting foundation. Nip lazy actions in the bud and observe how attentive your employees will be. Discipline need not be stressful or taxing, but it should always be consistent.

An agenda is vital for every meeting. A step-by-step plan will keep the conversation flowing and prevent you from skipping the important topics or spending too much time on a particular point. Your list or PowerPoint presentation should not direct the discussion but, rather, be used as a helpful guide for maintaining meeting efficiency.

In addition, be sure to voice all desired goals and outcomes at the very beginning to eliminate any confusion as to what the meeting purpose is. State it clearly right away so that it is fresh in your audience’s mind.

End the meeting by performing a brief wrap-up. Summarize the key points and allow enough time for people to ask questions. Clarification is crucial — you do not want anyone being left in the dark.

If you are ready to take your corporate meetings to the next level, get in touch with one of our Certified Master Facilitators today!