If you and your co-workers are feeling down or unmotivated to get work done, there is a quick and easy way to lift your spirits. Once people start realizing not to take life so seriously and that taking a light-hearted approach to their professional as well as personal lives is essential, everyone will be happier and more productive! For a humor upgrade in the workplace that delivers results, contact one of our Certified Master Facilitators.

Humor for Healthy Business Meetings

The next time you find yourself facing a group of disgruntled employees while leading a corporate meeting that is hinging on boredom, consider pulling the good old humor card! Strive to create a learning environment that is full of fun and excitement because these are the main ingredients for creativity and success. They inspire people to take risks and step outside of their comfort zones.

It is not uncommon for many participants to quickly disengage from meeting conversations, particularly if they feel their opinion is unimportant or that they have nothing of value to contribute. If you can make them laugh, chances are their worries will be put to ease and they will feel more confident about speaking up. Our meeting facilitators understand how to tackle all types of meeting dysfunction, and most of them have perfected the art of well-timed and well-placed jokes.

As with all things, it is important that you use humor in moderation. The line between effective and over-the-top is thin, so make sure to practice strategic delivery. The contract facilitators at FindaFacilitator can help you strike the right balance, which will ultimately help engage your team members and make the meeting a success.

The key elements of a sound humor strategy are adequate pre-meeting preparation, good judgment and quick thinking skills. It is those “in the moment” actions that tend to garner the most positive results, and practice makes perfect! Experienced meeting facilitators are able to gauge their audiences’ individual and collective perspectives and subsequently formulate a plan of attack for making them laugh. Just because your previous approaches have failed does not mean humor should be placed on the back-burner. Take a chance and be amazed at the power of this underused corporate meeting tool.