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how to get people back to a long meeting after a break

Do you know how to keep your group focused during long meetings?

  How long are your meetings? You might be shifting to shorter meetings, or you may be one of those groups for which long meetings are a necessary evil. Whether your agendas are long due to necessity, infrequent group...

avoid meeting mishap

How to Use Facilitation to Solve Meeting Mishaps

Think of your last meeting. Would you consider it time well spent? How about the one before it? Was it effective? Take a moment to compare the two meetings. You probably see some similarities in the outcome or strategy...

7 Ways To Keep Your People Focused During Summer Distractions

In the summertime, when the weather is hot, how do you keep your team driven and engaged? When schools let out and families are home, the beautiful weather is just one more reason your employees’ minds can be easily distracted. But your organization can’t close in the summer months...

Certified Master Facilitator Training Leadership Strategies

Why – and How – to Become a Master Facilitator

Do you lead groups and meetings in your current role or hope to become a leader within your organization? Planning and running meetings, groups, conferences, or organized group activities requires a unique skill set. Training as a master facilitator...


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