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Learn all the ways a professional facilitator can guide your group toward ideal outcomes.


fast issue resolution tip

A Foolproof Path to Fast Issue Resolution

When important decisions come up at your organization, do you meet as a group to pursue issue resolution? Meetings that require difficult decisions can end in conflict. You might leave without an agreed upon consensus. Or you might find...

avoid bad meeting 6 Ps of preparation

How to Avoid a Bad Meeting – The 6 P’s of Meeting Preparation

If you’ve ever had to run a meeting, you know a few things to be true. One, meetings are going to happen – they’re necessary. Two, it’s your job to prepare for, execute, and follow-up on the meeting. Three,...

evolve meeting principles

How to Evolve Your Meeting with the 10 Principles of Facilitation

The age-old question – “Why are we having this meeting?” – goes much deeper than you or your manager’s desires to set the meeting. As The Harvard Business Review states, if we’re being completely honest, our need for the...

Find Facilitator Conference Event

5 Tips for Organizing a Business Conference People Will Love

The business conference. A reliable source for networking and professional development — and often the most talked-about event of the year. If you are tasked to plan your next company conference, don’t take it lightly. Conferences require a unique...


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