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Learn all the ways a professional facilitator can guide your group toward ideal outcomes.


the 5 questions for a great meeting

The 5 W’s of a Successful Meeting

You know that meetings are critical to achieving your organization’s goals. Chances are, you also know that meetings are rarely conducted in the timeliest manner possible, and that they may not result in a consensus that meets the desired...

facilitator leader checklist

5 Things a Good Facilitator Can Do: Checklist

How do your co-workers or employees act during a brainstorm, staff meeting, or other structured group activity? Do you feel a sense of stress or disengagement? Are people listening and preparing to contribute – or are they working toward...

Great Facilitation Skills Managers

How to Spot (and Develop) a Manager with Great Facilitation Skills

One of the keys to a successful business is hiring, developing, and empowering good managers. More often than not, these individuals are hired or promoted based on tenure or their knowledge of an industry or business. Of course, this...

good facilitator characteristic

Defining the Role of a Good Facilitator: Checklist

We’re asked all the time, “How can I know if I have a good facilitator?” The answer is pretty straightforward – their success comes from your success. Across virtually any industry, organization type, team composition, or environment, a good...

what does a facilitator in a meeting

What Does A Facilitator Do In A Meeting?

Group meetings and discussions are a central part of any business. Making sure that they are optimally engaging and productive takes a distinct set of skills. Unfortunately, even the most talented executives and leaders lack what it takes to...


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