2017 meeting trends

Are your meetings stuck in the dark ages? The top 2017 meeting trends will help you bring your meetings back in the light. At the recent MPI WEC conference, Mark Cooper, CEO of IACC presented the top 2017 meeting trends. These trends give you a glimpse of what other organizations, maybe even competitors, have planned for their meetings this year.

Our professional facilitators have shared advice on how to implement the 2017 meeting trends.

Gather round.

The idea of round meeting rooms goes back to days when we sat around campfires more frequently. With a round meeting room, you can instill openness and comfort that will lead to discussion. If the thought of rebuilding a meeting room or searching for a round meeting room is overwhelming, you can replicate the effect by restructuring the chairs or tables in your meeting room to form a circle.

Creative décor.

Gone are the days of plain glass bowls with hard candy and matching pens. Meetings, especially important meetings, can have the same creative décor now seen at conferences and other events. For a professional tip, tie your décor into the meeting theme or goal to help encourage ideas and creativity.

Pull up a chair. Well, not so fast.

Once again going back to the campfire environment, consider getting rid of your chairs. Especially for small groups, sitting on the floor can help increase inspiration and encourage discussion.

No more ballroom blitz.

Just because you have booked the same ballroom for your conference or annual meeting every year, does not mean you must continue the ballroom monotony. In fact, many organizations are moving away from ballrooms to event spaces such as warehouses, restaurants, outdoor spaces and more.

Informal breakout spaces.

Breakout sessions or meetings with smaller groups are beginning to feel more like lounges and less like meeting spaces. You can schedule your next breakout session outside or meet in an area with more comfortable seating like couches. Formality is a way of the past.

The importance of connection.

Our working habits are moving towards telecommuting and at-home working options as technology continues to increase. With remote employees, water cooler talk has gone away. Bring back the connection with icebreakers or team building during meetings. Professional facilitators can help instruct portions of your meeting geared towards connection and bring the group back to focus on the main goal.

Conversations, not lectures.

Meetings are focusing more on two-way conversation versus a presenter style. Like introducing icebreakers, this trend can be difficult to apply. We can help restructure your meeting style to establish a stronger two-way dialogue with the feedback and expertise from our professional facilitators.

Laid-back registration.

Registration or check-in for meetings is an opportunity for human connection. For some meetings, organizations are replacing the stiff check-in tables with in-person registration. You can let everyone begin to mingle before a meeting begins and then complete check-in on an individual basis.

Local flavor.

Immerse your meeting attendees in your community. You can introduce locality with local dining options, by using local products, by choosing a meeting location that reflects the community and more. This trend is particularly successful among meetings where attendees travel in. Instead of flying from board room to board room, you can help make the meeting more memorable by showing off your local flavor.

Sustain sustainability.

Eco-friendly trends and initiatives have been around for a long time. However, meetings can be a time where items are more wasted than conserved with too many paper products and plastic bottles. You can easily display your organization’s sustainability by pointing out recycling receptacles, using recycled products, cutting back on paper with more digital tools and sharing how else your organization is sustainable.

Instead of falling behind with your meetings, now is the time to take a step in the right direction and become trendsetters. Apply the 2017 meeting trends on your own or with the help of professional facilitators to guide you.

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