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Distinguished Differences Between Facilitating Small and Large Groups

Working with a small group for a facilitated session is dramatically different than working with a large group of 50-plus individuals. With a small group, the majority of the attendees have similar reasons and goals for attending the session, whereas members of a large group may have very different...

The Differences Between a Presentation and a Facilitation Session

There are many different ways that an organization can communicate new knowledge and ways of thinking. Two of the most popular ways are through presentations and facilitated sessions. As our corporate facilitators can tell you, there are some very distinct differences between these two styles.

Are Handouts Useful When Facilitating a Meeting?

Find a Facilitator’s certified facilitators know that the key to pulling off a corporate meeting is being adequately prepared. This includes creating a structured outline, rehearsing the information multiple times and determining the best way to deliver the message to your office staff. Every project manager, corporate executive and business...


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