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4 Simple Tips To Make Your Next Meeting Meaningful

Imagine how successful your business would be if every meeting you held went exactly according to plan. None of your employees showed up late, everyone was attentive, engaged and enthusiastic the entire time, and all of the problems the meeting was supposed to tackle were resolved effortlessly. Alas, our...

Using Engaging Strategies to Appeal to All Audiences

Your staff’s attention has wandered, and you are left wondering how to reignite their interest. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, many corporate meeting planners and business owners can attest to the difficulties of having disengaged employees. Despite the importance of the get-together and its substance, our facilitators know that a faulty delivery almost...

3 Tips on How To Effectively Use Humor When Facilitating a Meeting

If you and your co-workers are feeling down or unmotivated to get work done, there is a quick and easy way to lift your spirits. Once people start realizing not to take life so seriously and that taking a light-hearted approach to their professional as well as personal lives is essential,...


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