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Learn all the ways a professional facilitator can guide your group toward ideal outcomes.


How To Develop a Winning Meeting Strategy in 2015

Every business wants to increase productivity in the new year. One important way to do that is to increase the efficiency and productivity of meetings. That can be done by changing the emphasis you place on the various types of meeting communication.

Tips for Being a Facilitative Consultant

When it comes to being a facilitative consultant, there are things you need to keep in mind to be the best in your field. Here are some of our master facilitators’ top suggestions.

Choose a Facilitator for Conflict Resolution

Wherever there is more than one person with an opinion in a room, there is potential for conflict, but this doesn’t have to halt workplace productivity or lead to irreconcilable differences. In fact, conflict can spark innovation and solidify professional partnerships as well as direction. However, professional facilitation is...

How To Ensure Effective Time Management in a Meeting

Meetings are ironically one of the biggest time-wasters in the modern office, but they don’t have to be. You can effectively share important information about upcoming news or projects without taking a huge chunk out of the day’s productivity, but it takes some degree of forethought and planning. Leadership...

Knowing When To Utilize a Focus Group

Market research is the key to unlocking the behavior and decisions that drive consumer interest in a brand or product. The methods that companies use to conduct this research varies depending on what they are hoping to learn and why. Focus groups are one of many options for observing...

Tips for Corporate Team Building

Our corporate facilitators know that happy people are productive people. The companies that understand this foster relationships and positive attitudes amongst employees. This is wise, as building teamwork within a company contributes to better bottom lines overall. Team-building exercises, although they may seem synonymous with corny games and ineffective...

How To Facilitate a Creative Problem-Solving Meeting

Creative problem-solving (“CPS”) takes your meetings beyond conventional thinking styles. It is a deliberate process that corporate facilitators use to help organizations solve problems or find opportunities that have not been explored previously. The key word here is deliberate. Creative problem-solving should be facilitated by a professional facilitator for...

Facilitation Ice Breakers To Use in Your Next Meeting

Beginning a meeting with ice breakers encourages participants to be more comfortable with the group, relieves anxiety and brings everyone into the conversation. Our corporate facilitators have employed a variety of ice breakers over the years, and we wanted to share a few of our favorites that you could...

Distinguished Differences Between Facilitating Small and Large Groups

Working with a small group for a facilitated session is dramatically different than working with a large group of 50-plus individuals. With a small group, the majority of the attendees have similar reasons and goals for attending the session, whereas members of a large group may have very different...

The Differences Between a Presentation and a Facilitation Session

There are many different ways that an organization can communicate new knowledge and ways of thinking. Two of the most popular ways are through presentations and facilitated sessions. As our corporate facilitators can tell you, there are some very distinct differences between these two styles.


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