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Learn all the ways a professional facilitator can guide your group toward ideal outcomes.


Facilitation Services: Frequently Asked Questions

In facilitation, a facilitator helps companies understand and achieve their objectives. With services ranging from strategic planning to process improvement, facilitation helps companies overcome obstacles in the problem solving process, identifying solutions or opportunities to pursue them. If you are considering hiring a facilitator, but you have questions about...

What Does a Training Facilitator Do?

Companies use facilitators in a variety of contexts, including training meetings. A facilitator who guides training meetings seldom functions as a trainer. Rather, in the role of a traditional facilitator, he or she uses the knowledge of a meeting’s participants to identify the need for training. In doing so,...

Team Facilitation: Five Problems that Make Teams Ineffective

In his famous book on team dynamics, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni identifies five problems that teams frequently encounter, regardless of their size or goals. If your team suffers from one or more of Lencioni’s “dysfunctions” listed below, they can resolve these issues through group facilitation...


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